Description: Light, happy carribean beat with string melody, thematically related to ww200012.

Description: Scenic, Reggae, Travel, World Beat, marimba, carefree, Caribbean

Description: Vibrant, lively, happy and full of Jamaican sunshine. White sandy beaches, lined with coconut palms, the turquoise ocean gently lapping the shore, all you need now is a cocktail with umbrella. Features steel drum band and lively percussion. Perfect for holiday travelogues, documentary and adverts. Main mix, underscore & 30sec

Description: Gently swaying carribean island sound with steel drums, suspended ending.

Description: happy, upbeat tropical infused world music song featuring atenteben flute, hawaiian slack key slide guitar, and conga drum. great for setting a relaxed island mood.

Description: Happy carribean theme with steel drums and electric piano.

Description: Wonderfully warm, gentle and laid-back Caribbean Calypso. Think long cool cocktails on the beach beside swaying palm trees. Features steel drum band, acoustic guitar, shakers & percussion. Perfect for tropical holiday commercials, Jamaica, Trinidad. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Upbeat & festive island track with acoustic guitar, congas & xylophone

Description: summer fun, marimbas, percussion, flute, reggae keys, light-hearted.

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