Description: Japanese percussion: taiko drum played repeatly. Mantra.

Description: A light but powerful and poppy piece using Japanese instrumentation.

Description: A very fast-paced Japanese-flavored piece great for a chase or fight scene.

Description: This song is an ethnic representation of all that is beautiful and uplifting

Description: pitched percussion based piece. fast paced and intense but light and minimal in parts.

Description: Japanese Koto melodies, shaker, gong rolls, orchestral cymbal hits, dholki & kahon percussion parts, and lush chord pad / perfect for a film or TV cue that needs minimal sounding Japanese music with a modern twist

Description: Dramatic Japanese track with beautiful interplay with Flute, Koto, Strings and traditional Drum. Beautiful carefree medium tempo Asian flavored instrumental. Documentaries Historical, Film and Television, Spa and Relaxation, World Music and more.

Description: Japanese ambient atmospheric fantasy film games mysterious new age drones world

Description: rhythmic opening to expansive Japanese theme. Contemporary feel with tradtional elements. Perfect for travelogue, documentary, historic, in fact anything Japanese.

Description: Warm, welcoming and relaxed Oriental track composed for commerials. Charming, tranquil and tender. Features traditional oriental instrumentation

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