Description: Indiana jones adventure jungle forest chase scene pursuit africa african world tension wild animals safari equator savannah desert bongos travel quest mystery.

Description: Bright and friendly African welcome. An up-tempo, vibrant and colourful introduction, from a warm and welcoming people. Really depicts the enthusiasm, diversity and friendliness of the country. Great for travelogue, documentary, multi-media and commercials. Main, underscore, 60's and 30's

Description: An African cinematic theme with a positive, peaceful and happy vibe where it draws a picture of a natural and spiritual Africa. With its traditional instruments and orchestra on the background this is ideal for film or documentary.

Description: A documentary style piece featuring a combination of traditional African instruments such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums. Added distant voice effects creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere with a sense of discovery and mystery.

Description: percussive sound effects with in the jungle feeling

Description: Plaintive, Haunting, Pensive, Emotional, Choral, Melancholic, Theme, Landscapes, Religious programmes, Sad Dramas, African, soundscapes.

Description: Ethnic, Africa, Percussive, Sentimental, International, Tribal, Traveling, Urban, Fun, Groovy, Ethnic, Exotic, Driving, Repetitive, Adventure, Building, Nature, Pleasant, in a Adventurous, Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Strings, with a Medium Fast tempo

Description: Warm and cheerful instrumental based on acoustic guitars and arranged with an uplifting Ukulele. Would work well for ads that reflect a happy, clean mood.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Africa, Ethnic, Tribal, Active, Determined, Percussive, Wordly, in a Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Bongos, Conga, Triangle, Vibraphone, Percussion, with a Fast tempo

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