Description: a lute improvised solo by hassan.

Description: Wonderful African music with creative percussion and intricate effects. Great world music for documentaries, wide scope of world influences, high end production with real instruments. Several mixes available.

Description: voices of the goddess. emam & friends. layered vocal, oboe solo, drums.

Description: Ethnic, Africa, Percussive, Sentimental, International, Tribal, Traveling, Urban, Fun, Groovy, Ethnic, Exotic, Driving, Repetitive, Adventure, Building, Nature, Pleasant, in a Adventurous, Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Rainstick, with a Medium tempo

Description: Peaceful, calm, longing, wistful, but proud, strong, pastoral, evolving, traditional. melodic, Documentaries, Movies,, African Landscapes, Drama, African, atmosphere.

Description: Hypnotic, haunting, tranquil, pastoral, traditional chants, pensive, evocative, TV theme, Movies, Rural Documentaries, Landscapes, Magazine, Travel, African, atmosphere.

Description: Moving, Emotive, Pensive, Rhythmic, Melodic, Inspiring, Warming, Caring, Movie, TV, Theme, Landscape, Corporate, Sport, Travel, Magazine, African, soundscapes.

Description: Ethnic, Africa, Percussive, International, Tribal, Traveling, Urban, Groovy, Ethnic, Exotic, Repetitive, Adventure, Building, Nature, Pleasant, in a Adventurous, Fun mood, featuring Percussion, with a Medium tempo

Description: African ambient underscore with melodic wind instruments