Description: Bouncy happy quirky rag played by vibraphone.Good happy add background.

Description: Electronic and with a South American mood, playful melody, spatial and mysterious. Good for movies travel, adventure, etc.

Description: Song a little jazz, a little swing, a little ambient, fun, positive and light.

Description: pop song but intense with a brisk and positive melody, a little new wave 80s , modern sounds and a groovy techno beat . Ideal for adventure and travel documentaries , commercials.

Description: It opens with an incisive and modern synth bass and then developed into an attractive and positive melody, a little new wave 80s, modern sounds. Ideal for adventure and travel documentaries, commercials, dance.

Description: Playful, fun and a little lighthearted

Description: Mood typically European electro ambient 80

Description: Grooves and techno sounds with a theme typically New Wave 80s

Description: Groove and electronic sounds with a theme new wave European 80

Description: ZZ Page is a rock song with an electronic groove but with a hard guitar and an incisive theme