Description: just piano, dissonant to resolved harmony.

Description: Warm sunny summer day and you go outside to fly a kite. Good weather, vacations and friends beside. The track evokes many good feelings and memories. This tune features piano, drums and synths.

Description: anger, agression, determiend, cautious,

Description: urgent, energy, powerful, whimsical,

Description: This quick catchy indie sound bite can be used in internet or film projects. Enjoy!

Description: Once Was ( instrumental vibe, story telling)

Description: Uplifting and happy track with trumpets, organ and groovy beat. Perfect for openers, podcasts, video intros and more.

Description: Playful Instrumental Country Rock

Description: A symphonic orchestra playing a sneaky theme with pizzicato strings, woodwinds, vibraphone and timpani. This track is bouncy and fun at the same time that the orchestra brings up an elegant and cinematic mood to it. Suitable for tv productions, commercials, podcasts, documentaries, or any other project that requires a light comedy ambience.

Description: If you want something a little different. Cross genre classical performed on solo electric Fender Stratocaster guitar ! A positive happy uplifting feel with a tender gentle feel.. Sincere and wholesome. Also good for thankful, pleased, optimistic. Interesting twists and turns while maintaining the feel and flow. Good for all media needing a unique original feelgood heartfelt feel. Mixed tempo.