Description: Urban, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Access Hollywood, Light, Upbeat, Fun, Party, Quirky, Sexy, Traveling, Turntable, Scratch, Pizzicato Strings, Keyboards

Description: Delicious cheeky electro track with male rap vocal, great for advertising use, will work as underscore or cut in for any youth urban demographic. Would sync up to any teenage/youth scenes. Hey baby girl! Its nice to meet you... Just wanna know if I can freak Ya..

Description: This is positive and relaxing track in a summer mood featuring modern synths. It would be great for vacation videos.

Description: funky rnb corporate track, urban.

Description: This is positive electronic track in a relaxed mood. It features classical strings and modern synths. This track can be used for fashion videos.

Description: heavy beat, driving rhythm, pop electronic, vocal intro.

Description: relaxed funk with breakbeat, acoustic guitar and filtered bass.

Description: Mellow and sparse groove with a little bit of funkiness that drives at a moderate pace and gathers a few more instruments at the end. Featuring acoustic and electric guitar, jazzy piano, bongos, drums, a repetitive bass line and a blues organ, this song feels like walking down a street in a good mood in an urban setting. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations, television, web casts, radio or other advertising.

Description: A contemporary, modern style hip hop cue with a middle eastern perfect for youtube videos, sounds like eminem, lupe fiasco, ludicris,

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