Description: Heartbroken Moments Stinger.A beautiful and heartfelt classical piano theme. Soft piano notes and warm romantic musical themes, great for romance, valentines day and romantic based visual scenes.

Description: Hard hitting synth driven west coast gangster Hip Hop tune.

Description: Urban hip hop beat. Ideal as background music.Use for your projects. Tempo - 70bpm.

Description: Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, Swamp, Neo-Country, Girl Whoas, Groove, Attitude, Hick Hop

Description: Hip Hop, Hick Hop,Rock, Swamp, attitude, Work Music, Country, Banjo, Rock Guitars, Blues Harp

Description: Hip Hop, Hick Hop, Swamp, Energy, Work Music, Steady, Country

Description: Short logo in the style of hip-hop. Can be used for various video projects and games.

Description: Instrumental urban Hip-Hop loop. Background music for media suggesting a tough monotone theme. Swinging beat with groovy bass line and guitar riffs.

Description: Hip Hop Strings Piano short loop 140 bpm for your creative projects. Thank you for your purchase.

Description: Hip Hop Hey Short Loop for your creative projects. Thank you for your purchase.