Description: A high energy, dance rock track, featuring catchy distorted electric guitar riffs, pumping beats and electro textures. Perfect for action sequences, sports or any project where a sense of energy is required.

Description: Exhilarating instrumental track with a simple melodic line. Great commercial music for TV.Discovery channel. Hopeful and Motivating tune for your successful projects.

Description: Sports, triumphant, heroic, powerful, sweeping, uplifting, underdog, determined, exciting

Description: New, dance and energetic latin sports Logo intro opener short 10s music track with bright instruments and confident game mood – brass section, catchy soccer noise stadium fx’s, fast percussion drums, etc…This happy summer football logo can be used anywhere – as a musical background for sports websites, flash action computer games, happy brazilian carnival youtube videos, corporate videos, sports radio or tv championship 2018 news…Enjoy! 10s, action, advertising, brazilian, carnival, championship, dance, energetic, football, game, happy, intro, latin, logo, motivational, music, news, opening, radio, rhythmic, short, soccer, sport, sports, spot, tv, stadium, noise, competition, holiday, inspiring, inspirational, cheerful, samba, achievement, bright, bouncy, festive, positive, playful, optimistic, video game, uplifting, hopeful, joyful, fun, pompous, fast, trumpet, cheerful happy, fast tempo

Description: Grand Sports Theme with majestic and ambitious orchestrations capturing the pageantry and glory of athletic events. Designed for the Olympics, sports specials, corporate branding and success themes.

Description: Motivating feel-good Rock track with driving guitars ans solid beat

Description: Punk, speed, metal, driving, rock, extreme, energy, racing, youth

Description: Energetic electronic composition with a strong aggressive atmosphere and invigorating mood. Contains synthesized instruments, percussion and effects. Combined with energetic, sports video presentations, advertising and as background music

Description: Up tempo action cue with a fast hip hop groove, funky guitars, DJ scratching, orch hits, and Synths.

Description: Powerful driving guitar, fast faced percussion, if you are looking for a guitar driven music cue to excite your viewer this is it! Edge of seat excitement, attention grabbing, great for sports promos, corporate DVDs, season finale... Battle for the winning team!

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