Description: A sad piano piece that becomes more dramatic in the end.

Description: Simple joyful emotional and motivational track. The moment of truth, the moment of love, a moment of happiness. In this music, no complex elements. It's simple and delicious. A few chords with every conduct are played in different arrangements. Track is easy to wrap around and continue. Perfect for any media projects, television, radio, cinema, internet projects, presentations and more.

Description: 60 second loop featuring rhythm ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, drums and bass

Description: This happy, bouncy song features a nylon-string (classical) guitar, ukulele, handclaps, piano, bass, and a glockenspiel playing the main melody. It works perfectly as ukelele background music, for corporate presentations, in a photo slideshow or in commercials.

Description: TV advertising track excellent for commercials and various presentations, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, bells, shakers, hand claps, strings and drums. Happy and joyful vibes, bright and super positive!

Description: Cheerful catchy upbeat ukulele track with a fun hookline and a bouncing light-hearted rhythm section of guitars, ukulele, accordion and percussion.

Description: Up-beat instrumental that is happy, bouncy and high energy. Perfect to incorporate into a children’s production, video game, car commercial – anywhere you want a fun quirky feel. Perfect for the family, youth or children.

Description: Epic strings piece with a rhythmic tick, tock building to a bigbeat groove.

Description: Filled with Sunny rays of sunshine, this track is a very upbeat, positive and cheerful number.Featuring the ever so popular ukulele and some light female vocal melodies, it creates a carefree innocent and playful mood. This track is produced in harmony with todays advertisement and commercial sound and will definitely bring sunny rays of joy and success to your project.

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