Description: Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection, relax.

Description: Sand and emotional piano piece. Perfect for TV, soap opera, or other forms of media.

Description: a cheesy live sound of daytime tv composed by jamie robertson.

Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the '50s and' 60s with a modern approach to creating the chamber sound of an acoustic group of musicians. Melodious compositions are rather rhythmic and energetic due to active drums and sonorous double bass, but this does not interfere with easy listening. Business meetings, receptions or friendly gatherings in a cafe, restaurant expect such music.

Description: A sad piano piece that becomes more dramatic in the end.

Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more…

Description: new shopping theme with beat

Description: “Just Relax” is a soft ,cool and relaxing tune with a smooth Ukulele strumming .

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