Description: A sad piano piece that becomes more dramatic in the end.

Description: Uplifting full-band track with driving beat and catchy melody. Great for advertising and corporate use!

Description: An inspiring and peaceful solo piano track. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more…

Description: Reflective and meloncholic with a sinister, darker edge. Begins with single piano notes and distant voices from another dimension, then develops into a light piano theme. Main mix, underscore, 55, 30a, 30b, 30c sec versions and sting.

Description: Light easy-listening track with piano, flowing strings and oboe, building into chorus section with drums and bass. Loving, emotional feel.

Description: An inspiring, relaxed and emotional piece of music. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to commercials, advertisements, film/television.

Description: a cheesy live sound of daytime tv composed by jamie robertson.

Description: Uplifting, inspiring piece with piano, gradually building into full-band.

Description: sweet melody backed by orchestra.

Description: Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection, relax.

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