Description: Cool, sensual & sophisticated Bossa Nova. Very summery, sexy and jazzy laid-back guitar groove. Features acoustic guitars, double bass, shakers, cabasa, Latin percussion, piano & flute. Ideal for travel, holidays, documentary, even background music. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore

Description: Light-hearted, hectic and busy car themed commercial jingle, featuring musical car fx. Perfect for any motor related 30sec commercial.

Description: Cool, exotic & sophisticated Latin style lounge. Very summery, bright & breezy, with a hint of the Mediterranean. This upbeat & charming track has been composed for 30sec radio & television commercials. Features electric piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar & Latino rhythms.

Description: Fast moving, dramatic, scary, horror movie action chase. Full of twists & turns, stabs & cresendos. Features big cinematic drums, powerful brass, manic old piano, scraping strings and lots of FX. Perfect for Halloween, Horror, Drama, Horror experience commercials. Various Mixes

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: Sweet romantic guitars strummed with passionate beats, breezy piano and pads with violin accompaniment and husky vocals. Positive, uplifting, fresh and breezy. Playful, anticipation, growth, progress, inspiring, romantic, happy, dreamy, joyous, hopeful, deep forest, rain, atmospheric, reflective, beautiful, reassuring.

Description: Adventure and curiosity. Uplifting orchestral, flute and staccato strings. Happy, jouful, bouncy, summer time, fresh, positive, growth, progress, satisfied, beautiful, new ventures, vacation, holiday, camping, bonfires, new possibilities, anticipation. Ideal new beginnings.

Description: Soaring, positive light rock with a good forward drive, A strong and uplifting pop/rock track with driving drums, layered guitars, bass and keys, Motivational and optimistic, this track could work well with many projects, Motivating, inspiring, Instrument

Description: sharing, joy, walk, ballad,

Description: Racy and powerful guitar based trance music.Inspiring and energetic. Clean synths and arpeggios