Description: Easy, simple and heartfelt with nylon string guitar and piano creating a mellow backdrop for a sweet violin melody. Version - 30 Second

Description: Somber Wurlitzer keyboard and echoing piano notes create a lofty, mellow groove of upright bass and light drum loops with a relaxed feel. Version - 30 Second

Description: Toy piano phrases and a light drum loop lead into a cheerful violin melody over a luxurious, upbeat piano groove. Version - 30 Second

Description: A peppy number with guitar harmonics and string slaps composing a light, rhythmic tune. Snappy percussion and bell melodies bring a friendly, cheerful feel while organ swells add a quirky nuance. Version - 30 Second

Description: Bell melodies and harmonium combine for a lullaby feel over shaker, guitar harmonics and clapping percussion with lots of atypical rhythmic elements. Version - 30 Second

Description: Pulsing pads and spacey percussion create a mellow soundscape for a saccharine oboe melody with a heartfelt delivery. Version - 30 Second

Description: Ambient percussion rings out in the distance behind Rhodes keyboard and echoing piano lines. Horns join in for a majestic feel with trumpet melodies emerging from the washy sound. Version - 60 Second

Description: A creepy, weird tune with dark, muted guitar notes and swells bantering back and forth and a muted trumpet melody overtop. Version - 60 Second

Description: Kalimba and marimba join with hypnotic electric piano and upright bass while lyrical cello lines create a sweet, sentimental theme overtop. Version - 60 Second

Description: Nostalgic and sentimental sounding with fluid oboe melodies and sparkling nylon guitar themes. Peaceful and light-hearted with metallic percussion and programmed drums creating a positive pulse. Version - 60 Second