Description: atmospheric, ethereal, magical, cautious,

Description: Very inspiring cinematic music track. Starting with calm soft melody it is gradually developing into dramatic motivational tune. Magical emotional composition is wonderful for a movie or animation, film trailer and many more. The track features piano, bells, strings, woods, percussion and drums.

Description: Sweet and tender, but also has a lighter side. Strings bring in the romance, as the piano keeps it sincere, and the bells keep the innocence.

Description: Simple solo piano music cue, melodic and light, great for commercial and advertising, will work well with a voiceover. Well suited to family product, good music cue for reality TV and documentary. The vibe is honest and heartwarming.

Description: Beautiful romantic music track that evokes various emotions. Tears of happiness, love, tenderness – everything is here, in this warm cinematic piece. Created with piano, bells, strings, percussion and drums.

Description: TV Theme Inspirations - TV Sound-alike's - Mike Post-esque theme for a contemporary law drama ala Law and Order or CSI from the 90's. 120 BPM, Fast

Description: Playful guitar melody with light percussion, well suited to advertisng underscore, very simple and will work with a voiceover. Happy and cheerful, bouncy feel, carefree vibe.

Description: This track is sunny, lively and positive. It`s suitable for any kind of videos about happy days, wonderful traveling and family`s parties. Also it`s good for presentations, commercials, websites or various video projects which need positive and romantic mood.

Description: A cartoon like "wandering around" melody with several moods and influences. Light symphonic orchestration: Brass, Strings, Percussion, Woodwinds Track length: 2:06

Description: Convicted is a brooding guitar track it has dark melody that also features some searing dark industrial guitar rifs. Masculine and moody, enigmatic and narrative, the track will hypnotize you and draw its audience in, perfect for a journey moment in life.