Description: High energy electronic piece with powerful synth riff, hard hitting drum loop and overlaid with a big sweeping pads. A driving rhythm with sharp, high tech synth sounds give this track a futuristic and aggressive flavour.

Description: Short pop/R&B theme, keyboards, drums, and guitar

Description: Specialty, Sports, Game Show, Circus, Building, Tension, in a Playful mood, featuring Organ, with a Free tempo

Description: Industry & Technology, Sci Fi, News, Technological, Futuristic, Atmospheric, Mysterious, Nature, Mechanical, Determined, in a Mysterious, Confident mood, featuring Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: contemporary tv news theme - from the btv collection.

Description: Tonight Show type introduction with brass.

Description: This is my new energetic corporate powerful modern rock loop track with positive bright mood, which contain bright electric guitars, live rock drums, bass…This driving track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertisement and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)