Description: the confident dance moves to the big city

Description: the feeling of something important, main, proper, and inevitable

Description: the calm and confident thinking about an important plan

Description: 30 second indent spot that has a feel of uncertain melancholy or a fantasy mysterious discovery. There's a finger picked acoustic guitar, electric bass, and a lush foreboding string ensemble. It's in and odd time signature of 5/4 that helps impart a darker mystery feeling. 104 beats per minute.

Description: This is an ambient underscore that has sparse electric guitar arpeggios and instrument effects. It has a pensive melancholy feel and is a great choice for public service announcement and commercial voice over or emotional film scenes without dialogue 80 beats per minute.

Description: Laid-back and relaxing, Lounge Jazz. For a cool and sophisticated atmosphere, a dimly lit smokey lounge bar, dressed for dinner, sipping a cocktail with a cigarette holder in one hand. Features a grand piano, double bass and brush drum kit. Perfect for commercials, drama and documentary. 60sec and 30sec, full and piano only mixes

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