Description: New age laid back grove with a slow funky feel for modern dramatic, dangerous, Cop Drama type production needs. Repeating Double Bass line set a solid foundation while airy keyboard work spaciously work it way in and out of the composition. Action Military, Dangerous, Film and Television Applicatn, Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Dangerous Ambient Soundscape

Description: It's a new day, the morning sun shines on the fallen dew, coffee is brewing breakfast fills the air. This uplifting brisk track featuring acoustic guitar strings (bowed and plucked) and piano would be ideal for Breakfast Productions Morning Cooking Show Sunny Delight, Instrumental, Tropical Latin Music, Caribbean Music

Description: Pop rock style track for young people who are just starting to explore all that life has to offer. Piano melody with synth counter melody. Straight 4/4 count with nice groove. After school special, Adventure, First date, Department Store back to school specials (clothing and supplies). Instrumental, Pop Music, Tween Pop

Description: Medium Bossa Nova featuring the Marimba and soprano sax, moody, open and free. Very romantic in style, strings are added to create a spinning whirling effect to the tune. Scenes of emotional attachments, Romantic Novels, Eloping Reminiscence. Sunny Hot Swim Suite Fashion Models Cosmetic Hair prod. Instrumental, Latin Music, Afro-Colombian

Description: Great heroic dramatic track applicable to present day drama, military, law and crime, also works well with projects with historical themes from past, warriors battles and other conflicts of historical implication. Noble horns, strings, bass and recorder combine to creative emotionally driven track. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Description: Film & Television crime law international mystery music, solving and investigating cold cases, counter intelligence. Electric piano plays the simple melody as the counter synth and horn lines weave around the lead backed by smooth and soothing Bass & Drums. CSI ambient lab sorting evidence, thriller, Instrumental, Action Music, Action Theme Spy

Description: Latin Samba rhythm that has Game Show Theme written all over it. Inspired by the Jeaprody Show Theme, Happy Samba has a Piano melody with a strong latin rhythm and harmonies to back it. Great for On Hold or Instore Music, Sidewalk Cafe Commercial Building or Lobby Music. Corporate Retail. Instrumental, Brazilian, Música Popular Brasileira

Description: Slow motion synth based track with nice layers of harmonic color and just enough of a beat to add tempo. Synth, Acoustic Bass, Bass Drum and String provides for an effective back ground track for Cop Drama, Military, Medical Drama, New Age meditation, spa and relaxation, Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres

Description: Beautiful spacious instrumental ballad with an quiet Asian flavor. Electric piano leads and harmonic lines ring out as melodic flute lines spiral in and out, up and down to create lush musical imagery for the audience. Dramatic, Romantic, Asian New Age. Instrumental, New Age Music, Contemporary Instrumental

Description: Electronic Funk/Jazz/Rock underscore, works well with criminal bad ass antagonist or the crime fighter on the beat out for justice. Tight funky drum beat accompanies a repeating distorted grinding bass line atop inventive sustained guitar power chords. Dangerous music, Contact Sports, Criminal Law. Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Edgy Music