Description: Light, calm and inspiring pop rock track with dreamy electric guitars, bass guitar, modern synths. Perfect for business themes.

by VIMINOD | wav | 1:01 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Sports Shows

Description: Epic, Heroic Trailer Music with full orchestra, choir and powerful drums. The piece is encouraging, pride and triumphant. Perfect for film/game trailers, sports, commercial projects and so on.

Description: A quiet and reflective orchestral Instrumental. Magical atmosphere. Features an acoustic guitar, strings, horns, and a synthesizer. Possibly for nature scenes, contemplative scenes.

Description: Epic orchestral instrumental with a sentimental and triumphant atmosphere.

Description: A majestic and dramatic instrumental. Contemplative and surreal atmosphere. Features a harpsichord, piano, a synthesizer, and strings. Possibly for a scene depicting freedom or contentment.

Description: A fun and playful r&b/pop instrumental loop. Features a double bass, electric guitar, a drum kit, a synthesizer, and an organ. Great for family comedy, mischief, childlike atmospheres.

Description: Fun and quirky pop/surf/rock instrumental that can be seamlessly looped. Energetic and bright atmosphere. Possibly for commercial use, adventurous scenes. Twelve bar 1950's rock progression. Enthusiastic and amusing ambiance.

Description: A sentimental pop/folk song with a relaxed and loving atmosphere. Features two lead electric guitars, one rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Possibly for romance, friendship, commercial use.

Description: A meditative dramatic pop instrumental with a sentimental atmosphere. Can be seamlessly looped. Features a drum machine, piano, and multiple synthesizers. Possibly for contemplative scenes, commercial use.

Description: A fun and quirky pop/folk instrumental that is carefree and playful. Features two electric guitars, bass, drum kit, percussion, hand claps. Great for commercial use, corporate, branding.