Description: Musical emotion about magic, spells and witchcraft

Description: Hand clapping good time music. Motivational, uplifting and positive music that inspires achievement, cheerful and happy lively times. Sets a confident and determined mood. Good for dramatic, driving and energetic scenes. Driving acoustic and electric guitars with other instruments.

Description: Very sad and somber music for lonely hurtful moments. Soft tones with a low line beat gives it a sad soft feel.

Description: Inspirational composition with piano, synths, electronic drums and orchestral instruments. Enjoy!

Description: Background rhythmic electronic music for the scene "Lonely rider without a head rushes through a dark forest"

Description: Powerful, heavy and energetic Upbeat track, with lead female vocal, perfectly suitable for stylish projects, motion video, sports and action video, advertising and commercials.

Description: A very emotional and evoking piano piece in fast tempo and high notes with a tearful melody, both sad and happy at the same time. Similar to Yann Tiersen, Carly Comando, Philip Glass, Joe Hisaishi, Ludovico Einaudi.

Description: Light, calm and inspiring pop rock track with dreamy electric guitars, bass guitar, modern synths. Perfect for business themes.

by VIMINOD | wav | 1:01 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Sports Shows

Description: Epic, Heroic Trailer Music with full orchestra, choir and powerful drums. The piece is encouraging, pride and triumphant. Perfect for film/game trailers, sports, commercial projects and so on.

Description: A quiet and reflective orchestral Instrumental. Magical atmosphere. Features an acoustic guitar, strings, horns, and a synthesizer. Possibly for nature scenes, contemplative scenes.