Description: An orchestral pirate theme with a modern straight drum rhythm in contrast. Perfect for many things like games, documentarys or movies.

Description: This one reminds me of a typical sitcom theme with people smiling all over the face in the title sequence. Bright and positive sound with a catchy melody.

Description: This emotional song is accompanied by a rhythm that reflects a clock tickin and the time melting away. During compositing I removed the rhythm sound sometimes, but without this sound something was missing for me, so I let it there.

Description: A relaxed rhythm with a short piano theme, soft and flying stringsynth. I think it's useful as a theme for travel movies or Intro / Outro for example.

Description: Distraught you stumble trough the streets, they follow you. They come closer and closer. You hide in a side street but soon they will get you...and then...thank god: just a nightmare. That's one possibility. This song is quite versatile. A reserved rhythm with reverse guitar mood and percussion elements combined with classic string and brass figures. At 2:22 a quiet position until around 2:39. Then the dogs are near your backside... ;-)

Description: A hypnotic, rhythm based groovetrack with a dominant layer sound and some guitarish synthetic hooklines and effects.