Description: A high-tech electronic track, which is energetic and rhythmic, modern and cheerful, chilled yet danceable corporate track.

Description: A happy-go-lucky song that is inspiring and welcoming, reinforcing collaborative and positive emotions. Whoever listens to this track is sure to have a lucky day! Perfect for presentations, workshops, background music, video projects, and web page music.

Description: 'Buy Me!' is an original composition designed to promote and enhance product on radio, TV, and other multimedia formats. This track features an uplifting and upbeat combination of piano, strings, guitar, bells, electronic instruments, and percussion.

Description: An original composition ideal for your corporate media and presentations! A happy clap underpins an acoustic guitar strumming vibe, overlaid with a swinging piano melody.

Description: An original and catchy tune ideal for your corporate media, advertising, commercials, and presentations! This track features a groovy ukulele and mandolin strum, hip piano, bass, a lead whistling melody, and swinging percussion and drums. An awesome pick-me-up song for your next project!