Description: Spying, sneaking and scheming music. Dramatic without being overblown.

Description: Suspense clock ticking waiting for meditate research unknown.

Description: Tension and anticipation build steadily through the track towards a final short sting ending. This instrumental conveys a feeling of drama and mounting suspense.

Description: Action, pace and tension are the best ways to sum up this cutting edge, high energy action track. For game, promo and anything that needs that kick on the backside!!! Driven with complex but modern beats and percussion, underlying strings and synths that provide that pursuit feel. Fast driving with that need for speed. If you need something with the right kind of authority in your track, this could be the fit!!

Description: Live funky bass, strings, flutes, live drums, hard rock guitars / sounds like a action or mystery TV theme show music

Description: Dreamy feeling in a bit lonely and thoughtful atmosphere. Mellow and mysterious tune in neautral mood. Walking a rainy evening. Solving a tricky puzzle, searching for clues in abandoned house or maybe a nostalgic background in a drama nature scene. Variants: 1:11 / 1:11 Loop

Description: Modern and emotional, "TV Piano Drama 1" is a subtle drone and piano underscore track in the style which is popular for many contemporary TV Dramas. Simple and unobtrusive, this is a great ambient piece for tender or intimate moments. Good for slow motion or flashbacks, this has the emotional punch you need.

Description: Very sad and mournful strings, unrelenting sorrow.

Description: Lyrical theme with increasing dynamics and completion of a major chord.

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