Description: 60 second loop featuring rhythm ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, drums and bass

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: Slow, heavy, mystical, Middle Eastern journey through the desert. Ideal for Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. Features a 'mizmar' type of middle eastern oboe, tablahs and light ethnic percussion, strings. Main mix, underscore, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: This is a tune that has a heartwarming - longing - calm feeling. Ideal for a rainy day scene, a memory of a beloved person. Mood calm, casual, every day, confused, down, melancholic, dreamy, eerie, hypnotic, light, melancholy, mournful, mellow, peaceful, quiet, romantic, sincere, smooth, tranquil, video game, documentary, piano, orchestral, acoustic, classical, violin, commercial, jingle, film, tv, movie, slow tempo Ideal For Trailers, Dramatic Movies, Sountrack, Jingles and Commercials, Themes, Videos, Video Games, Documentary

Description: Epic strings piece with a rhythmic tick, tock building to a bigbeat groove.

Description: A silly, quirky, playful track. Good for cartoons, film, fun software or video games, apps, commercials, pre-school activities, children's programming.

Description: Big, bold, prestigious and proud ident or logo. Features timps, trumpets and keyboards. Perfect for company logo graphics, audio visual and films. Full mix 13sec and version without end chord.

Description: Piano based cue, colorful and positive, perfect for corporate and commercial (advertising) projects.

Description: morning, calm, casual, cinematic, delicate, dreamy, elegant, emotive, ethereal, friendly, hopeful, hypnotic, inspirational, inspiring, light, love, lovely, melancholy, mellow, nature, new age, nostalgic, optimistic, passionate, peaceful, reflective, relaxed, romantic, sensual, sentimental, serene, sincere, smooth, soft, soothing, soulful, sweet, touching, tranquil, ambient, vibrant, warm, easy, eerie, meditative, lively, bird, baby, child,

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