Description: meant to evoke locomotion with a midcentury jazz feel.

Description: Upbeat, Jazzy retro sounding, pizzicato strings, drums, walking bass line

Description: Upbeat Jazz piece with piano, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Happy, carefree feel.

Description: Laid-back, sophisticated Jazz piece with classy old-time feel.

Description: Cool jazz piece with mysterious slueth feel

Description: For Film and TV Big jazz band Positive, very groovy jazz piece with drums, Saxopho, piano and trumpet. The cheerful atmosphere suitable for subjects such as talk show or comedy,Old Time Swing,big band 1940s,joyful.

Description: Looped instrumental version of He's A Jolly Good Fellow. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, sports, parties, corporate, animation, music bed, happy-ad-theme, ringtones, videogames, children, nursery rhymes and commercials

Description: Jazz, Swing, a Gypsy sound and the modernity of a light electro touch, in a festive and positive musical explosion. Let's swing it!

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