Description: A descriptive piece evocative of the conflicts between human greed and the unalterable essence of nature. Strings show the way into an unspoilt world, where we hear the sounds of nature and tribalism. All hell breaks loose before an inspiring ending seems to suggest that despite human's evil threat, nature's essence remains forever unthreatened.

Description: This sound-alike piece to Moby's' Extreme Ways' takes you through the raw and melancholic emotions affiliated with being lost and trying to find your way.

Description: Bright simple piano chords and distant chimes create a simplistic melody useful to promote products such as a new product on the market which is simplistic and modern such as a tablet, cell phone or phone app. Very useful for financial advertising in particular and can also very useful for love, romance or emotional film production scenes.

Description: contemporary tv/ film source new orleans style 1.

Description: acoustic guitar with electric guitar melodies.

Description: Chanting With String Orchestra is a loving, sensual and tender piece of music with string orchestra and passionate chanting with female voices. Fits perfect for commercials, videos, films, advertisements, advertising, websites, TV promos, background music, soundtracks and music projects that need a special and extraordinary sound.

Description: A typical techno groove for an electronic rodeo, funny, ironic, a little ambient.

Description: a cold treck through a remote and icy expanse.

Description: mysterious and melodic.

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