Description: Backwards loops and strange effects taking Canon in D into the realm of funny house mirrors.

Description: Take a day off to hang out with the guys at the yacht club and listen to some 80s style yacht rock or soft rock music. Just think of Don Johnson driving up in a sports car on Miami Vice. This song sounds like a new hit from Toto, the Doobie Brothers, or Hall & Oates.

Description: Funny and Silly take the stage as a ballerina whirls and twirls her way to delirium. This orchestra piece is meant to evoke a smile and a laugh as you imagine a ballerina who can't take any more spins.

Description: An ethereal and hypnotic soft jazz rock instrumental with piano, guitar, marimba, bass and strings.

Description: gothic, choral, classical, satanic, horror, rock.

Description: instrumental.

Description: instrumental.

Description: piano, tabla and strings in a slow, sad nostalgic heart break.