Description: Expansive & dramatic opening fanfare into triumphant, powerful & uplifting Olympic style theme. A true winner, featuring brass, strings, male choir, cinematic drums & sequencers. Perfect for sports, Corporate and corporate presentations. Main mix, fanfare, theme, underscore & end cuts.

Description: Elated, joyful & infectious happy tune that lifts the spirits. Upbeat, very catchy & rhythmic underscore track, that conjures up children playing happily, warm summer sunshine, and the feeling that its good to be alive. Perfect for health & lifestyle ads, Kids TV & so much more. Various mixes main, 60, 30sec

Description: Feel-good, positive, inspirational and uplifting track with a subtle corporate feel. Starts with piano pattern and swells to main theme featuring rhythmic strings, french horn, piano, acoustic Guitar, electric guitar. Great for events, presentations, awards. Main mix, u/score, 60, 30 and 12sec

Description: A funky and smooth keys based groove, it has bags of charm and is suggestive of a slick heist scenario or casino environment. With an easy and laid back feel, it has a positive vibe, moving forwards with a flowing style. It breaks into an occasional solo and has a neat drumbreak as a backbone. Good for an action sequence, crime caper, demonstration movie or promo video.

Description: High octane, full-on, energy-fueled, heavy & pumping fast action track. Full of heavy electric fuzz guitars, sequenced synth bass, modern synths & contemporary drum sounds. Perfect for fast chase action, extreme sports, races, motor sport. Main mix plus underscore version & 30sec cut. PLAY IT LOUD!

Description: Positive, bright & uplifting electronic light theme. Has a modern busy corporate pop feel, with interesting rhythmic synth-sequencer patterns flowing and interweaving together. Great for Telephone On-Hold, Multimedia, Lighter Technical, Design, Factual and TV Reality. Main, Underscore & 30sec mixes

Description: Bright and uplifting mid tempo gently rolling theme featuring acoustic guitars. Ideal for travelogues, information bed, on hold. Supplied with various mixes and commercial length cuts

Description: Underscore version of Hybrid Orchestral Rock. Works well for an urban dystopia scenario, a chase scene at night, etc. Ends with a glass shatter sound.

Description: amedium tempo tango 60sec spot in 2 versions.

Description: Modern, easy-going and forward pushing. This track has a corprate, technology and scientific, yet relaxed feel. Features electric guitars, piano, synths, electric bass & electronic drums. Some mixes have digital data fx. Excellent for technical voice-over scripts. Various mixes available

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