Description: Military, Marches, Drama, Punchy, Pulsing, Action, Adventure, Anticipation, Big, Bold, Bouncy, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Explosive, Strong, Repetitive, Political, Percussive, Patriotic, Groovy, Intense, in a Confident, Majestic, Poignant mood, featuring Percussion, Snare, with a Mid tempo

Description: A funky and smooth keys based groove, it has bags of charm and is suggestive of a slick heist scenario or casino environment. With an easy and laid back feel, it has a positive vibe, moving forwards with a flowing style. It breaks into an occasional solo and has a neat drumbreak as a backbone. Good for an action sequence, crime caper, demonstration movie or promo video.

Description: Acoustic guitar playing a fun, whimsical and simple cue with light accompaniment.

Description: Wonderful triumphant orchestral piece, great production , lovely track

Description: national french anthem french touch francais FRANCE french national anthem main theme with 4 stings and remix World Music French Cinema music box lulaby childrens France french

Description: A dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments. Good for horror or dramatic projects.

Description: Marches, Military, Drama, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Active, Action, Aggressive, Atmospheric, Big, Bold, Bouncy, Breathy, Building, Confident, Dramatic, Driving, Ethereal, Expressive, Flowing, Mechanical, Menacing, Mysterious, Patriotic, Percussive, Poignant, Pulsing, Punchy, Serious, Strong, Stately, Intense, Intrigue, in a Confident, Aggressive, Mysterious mood, featuring Drums, Drone, Snare, Percussion, Strings, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Military, Political, Patriotic, Reflective, Sad, in a Reflective, Sad mood, featuring Trumpet, with a Slow tempo