Description: Bright Traveling Panoramic Uplifting Without Lead Guitar

Description: experimental, epic, cinematic, space, 2001, odyssey, theme, suspense, strauss, dramatic, kubrick, sci-fi, echoes, fiction, moon, ufo, ovni, alien, science, mystery

Description: jack the ripper with music, narrative & fx.

Description: Exciting, driving, long-form track that can be easily edited or extended to fit the dynamics of a scene, promo piece, or credits sequence. Features drums, synthesizers, horns, bass, cymbals.

Description: Wonderful triumphant orchestral piece, great production , lovely track

Description: national french anthem french touch francais FRANCE french national anthem main theme with 4 stings and remix World Music French Cinema second war radio general de gaulle France french

Description: Gliding, Effortless, Introspective, Tchaikovsky