Description: Prestigious, proud, winning and successful theme, excellent for presentations, corporate events, awards ceremonies and conferences. Supplied in kit form with main theme, 30 sec, information bed, rhythm bed, closing theme and logo.

Description: Natural fanfares as a piece for brass wind instruments (trumpets, trombones, horns and tubas) accompanied by orchestral percussion. Perfect for the award, a solemn output or as an accompaniment to video material with the same content.

Description: A fanfare that sounds bold and celebratory.

Description: A festive piece that’s bold and melodic.

Description: A joyous fanfare that feels grand and open.

Description: An energetic fanfare that feels like a celebration.

Description: Inspiring fanfare, touching full orchestra, broad, proud

Description: Trumpet intro, touches of Americana, spirited

Description: Marches, Fanfares, Historic, Historic-Medieval, Olympic, Majestic, Political, Prestigious, in a Majestic mood, featuring Brass, with a Mid tempo