Description: A sombre, contemplative and reflective medieval track featuring peddled organ and recorders to create an atmosphere of a religious funeral ceremony. C minor, 70 bpm.

Description: A minimal vocal piece in latin that uses harmony and space to create a calm and reflective sound most likely heard in sacred/religious choral music. 60 bpm, C# minor.

Description: A calm track that takes inspiration from medieval instruments and music, giving a celtic feel by using uilleann pipes, hammer dulcimer, acoustic guitar, string drones and percussion. 80 bpm, C minor.

Description: A celtic or medieval mood for this composition, the harp and violin give a romantic feeling. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Description: The Boar’s Head carol was the first carol to be published in English, the first print dating to 1521. It has been recorded by artists such as Steeleye Span. This arrangement is with piano and harp and makes a great fit for historical documentaries or Medieval and Renaissance period drama applications.

Description: The Sussex carol is an old traditional hymn from England with lyrics first published in the 17th century. This version is done in a classical chamber orchestra format with harp, flute, strings, and choir. 120 beats per minute.

Description: Anonymous played renaissance of antique organ

Description: Renaissance composition with ancient Celtic harp and flutes

Description: Composition medieval ancient atmospheres played by 4 Celtic flutes

Description: medieval bagpipe dirge with liuto, bassdrum, acoustic bass

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