Description: action, adventure, intrigue, dramatic, string clusters, heavy guitar, comping, percussion breakdowns, dark percussion hits, rhythmic

Description: action, adventure, military and marching feel, modern, army mercenaries, soaring string lines, military snare, aggressive, guitars and shots, chiff flutes

Description: action, dramatic, military snare, dark and intense, low string pads, soaring string melody, imminent danger, slow moving

Description: world, ethnic, military action, snare, dramatic, Asian bells, building tension, pulse, suspense, dynamic, strings, action

Description: action, dramatic, modern, orchestra, aggressive, heavy guitar, melody, big and percussive, tense and building throughout

Description: world, action, adventure, military, jungle, psychedelic guitar, sci fi, heavy percussion, scary

Description: action, world, ethnic, sitar, weird ambient pads, military snares and feel, african percussion, modern, groove, string pads

Description: action, intense, dark, military snare, tension, piano, string clusters, heavy percussion hits, intrigue

Description: An alive and vibrant timpani drum groove for building up serious suspence or getting down to work to accomplish seemingly impossible mission goals. Works for classic military themes such as WW2 video scenes, documentaries, parades, or preparing for battlle also. Edited for seamless looping, 158 beats per minute.

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