Description: A retro 60's style surf guitar instrumental

Description: Cool surf ! Authentic sound and style leaning towards retro, action, suspense, upbeat energetic driving and edgy.

Description: A jamming surf rock tune with catchy guitar leads and a smooth steady drum beat.

Description: This composition has a retro Western flair and pretty close to a Surf music. It is bold, serious and old school. Good as a music theme for a Wild West movie with cowboys, gunfighters and Indians. Classical rock instruments used such as solo, rhythm, bass guitars, drums and keyboard.

Description: Feel Good Groovy Hi Energy Fun Confident

Description: This is an instrumental song, reminiscent of many of the 1960's spy and crime fighting television series and films, but with a modern electronic twist. It starts off with a guitar riff with lots of distortion played over a surf rock drum beat, then bass falls in, followed by some synth lines. It's a classic genre meets science fiction kind of sound. Versions available include: Full version (2:36) 120 Second Edit (1:21) 60 Second Edit (0:57) Seamless Loop (1:15)

Description: a groovy surf rock song just in time for the nice weather. contains drums bass and an excellent electric guitar tone.

Description: This song takes you back to the 1950's with some classic piano and guitar boogie woogie. Think soda shops, drive-in theaters, and poodle skirts. This version is a 60 second edit. Also available as the full version, seamless loop, and 30 second edit.

Description: West coast surfer Rock instrumental featuring guitar by Stacey Blades.

Description: A vintage surf rock extravaganza featuring a mellow tempo and harmonized guitars

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