Description: This heavy piece is not for the weak at heart. It is aggressive and energetic making it ideal for cutting-edge, in-your-face presentations with lots of action. Presentations involving sports, possibly rough sports, would benefit well from this tune.

Description: A light download with a powerful punchy sound… The guitar, treated with some unconventional effects, shreds above the beat. This tune is ideal to be used on the web because of its light file size. And yet the heavy sound is great for productions targeted.

Description: A punchy, in your face sound with heavy guitars and a spicy beat in a compact, web-friendly package. This SoundSet is ideal for productions with strobe-like effects. The beat drills into your brain to entrance and mesmerize. The parts can be used creative.

Description: This piece has a tumbling sound mostly due to the bass line with a filtered treatment. The sound changes with each beat. This piece may go well with presentations that involve motion.

Description: This piece has a lot of energy with a dark tone. It sounds like an engine revving up which makes it ideal for presentations involving cars, action and lots of risk-taking.

Description: Combining different moods, this tune begins with a mysterious feel and explodes in a splash of heavy sound. The primal effect comes from the guitar and drums. Use this SoundSet in any production involving danger and risk and urgency.

Description: Grungy, raspy synths resonate wildly over this solid beat. The filter effects give the synths their character. The sound is a mix of rock and techno elements. The bass is derived from the main synth using further filters. An ideal use for this tune is in.

Description: High speed guitar bridge loop in modern rock style. Good use for logos, intros, transition.

Description: This piece sounds like a typical non-aggressive rock song and would go well with any presentation that requires a background sound that is not too aggressive or too mellow.

Description: Hard-edged, this piece tells a story. It goes well with presentations involving special effects, either through animation or still images. Lots of visual contrasts would work well with this piece. It is probably best used in presentations targeted towards.

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