Description: An energetic and uplifting corporate rock track featuring overdrive electric guitars, fast drums, tight bass, claps, Hammond organ and positive guitar solos. Positive rock music for corporate and business videos, presentations, and animations that have an upbeat, active, good health, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, sports, vacation, happy, and successful scenes. 155 BPM, Hm. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing!

Description: A poppy rock song with loud melodic guitars, bass, steady moving drum beat, and a little bit of piano. Simple modern pop rock background music that feels happy, optimistic, wistful, positive, and upbeat.

Description: Rock, Rock-Punk, Rock-Modern Rock, Active, Jumpy, Loud, Driving, Confident, Bright, Hi Energy, Vibrant, in a Energetic mood, featuring Bass, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: crunchy rock riffs with loud/fast buildup

Description: Fun instrumental alternative-grunge-roots-classic rock.

Description: Mainstream youthful pop punk rock track. Sounds like music from the band Blink 182. Great for pop or teen-oriented material.

Description: Rock, Rock-Punk, Rock-Soft Rock, Light, Bright, Electronic, Positive, Feel Good, Warm, in a Positive mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, Bass, with a Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-Punk, Rock-Soft Rock, Active, Light, Bright, Cheery, Confident, Positive, Excited, Feel Good, Happy, Warm, in a Positive mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, Bass, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: An upbeat, happy, pop-punk instrumental track. Perfect for teen TV shows.

Description: An upbeat, driving rock/punk track with a catchy chorus that could be perfect for a teen tv show!

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