Description: Modern take on a psychedelic 1960s style quirky song

Description: This is a spacey song that includes a slide guitar, drums, a slap bass, and organ.

Description: energetic track with psychedelic lead guitar, bass, drums, syncopated percussion and synths trading off 2 parts. suggested for urban chase, club or rave scenes.

Description: A groovy summer of love jam that will take you back the 60's

Description: Psychedelic rock-n-roll with synthesizer effects.

Description: A prog-rock track with a weaving guitar solo. Has countless applications, from soundtrack scenes to advertising. Save this track for your big moment and watch it land perfectly.

Description: Guitar dramatic, epic, soulful

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style R&B rock n’ roll.

Description: Groovy, upbeat, psychedelic 60's & fun. Takes you right back to the swinging 1960's - very Austin Powers. Features authentic hammond organ, brass, wah-wah guitar, groovy male 'bap bap' backing vocals. FAB for documentary, commercials, fashion. Main mix & underscore

Description: Live, rock, blue, acid jazzy, dramatic, running, tension, loud, miss, Cinematic atmosphere with modern fx, urban themes, film scores, TV, Video Games, battles, chases, action adventure, mystical psychedelia sequences cool and sassy percussive swirling dizzy moving drive

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