Description: Rock - Alternative - Modern. Very large drum beat and effected guitars with an epic tone. 30 Second.

Description: Passionately confident with trendy sounding acoustic guitar over a rallying rhythm section of drums, bass, hand claps and foot stomps. Version - No Vocals, No Mellotron

Description: A slowly brooding, sparse intro of driving kick drum, acoustic guitar and piano phrases fires into a buzzy bass fueled anthem with swirling electric guitar and vocal melodies. Version - No Vocals

Description: Punchy bass lines and cool synth filter effects lead into a sing-a-long over solid drum beats, trendy percussion hits and echoing guitar. Version - No Vocals

Description: Mid-19th century Americana - modern fiddle walts with banjor, harmonica and clarinet. Version - Background Mix

Description: Simple beats, tons of low end, thick daunting guitars and a soulful, passionately delivered emo-guitar melody all thrown together for one Alt-Arena Rock mess of awesomeness. Version - 15 Second

Description: A laid back vibe, spacey echo guitar, and simple beat create a funky, late night groove. And just when you think you're safe, the track shifts into a hard-hitting chaotic groove with soaring leads and buzzsaw guitars. Version - 15 Second

Description: Mainstream Alt-rock at it's best with a thick, commercial sound and modernistic approach. Filtering, airy pads add breath and life to a driving rhythm section with edgy guitars, bass, and drums while old-school synth lines add a trendy, futuristic flair. Version - 15 Second

Description: Hi-Energy, Wailing. Version - 15 Second

Description: A brooding calm before the storm intro of echoing guitars and filtered drum loops leads into an aggressive, cathartic chorus of dubstep bass and bombastic drums. Version - No Vocals 15 Second