Description: Distorted guitars, powerful drums, and many different ambiences in a song that can be used also as a long loop.

Description: Feeling alright in London in the 1960s, getting into trouble with the boys after too many pints at the pub. British Invasion styled garage rock with swagger and confidence!

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style R&B rock n’ roll.

Description: The time has come to dig in your heels and beat the competition, aggressive and edgy Classic Rock with driving beats and screaming guitars.

Description: Driving roots/americana rock. Kinda dark & dusty in a Tom Waits/Nick Cave kinda way. Great diving music down a lonesome highway...

Description: 1960s style garage rock with male vocal.

Description: Uplifting indie rock with reflective guitars that build to an anthemic conclusion.

Description: Epic, building, massive, trailer, film, dramatic, time clock