Description: This is sport big beat, upbeat positive rock song! It has power and groove! This track is perfect for extreme sports, car races, fight, film movie, computer games, action scenes, car commercials, sport motivation or any project that needs a strong rock track! Instruments used in this song is electric drums, claps, stomps, electric guitar, bass guitar, tambourine and synths!

Description: Distorted guitars, powerful drums, and many different ambiences in a song that can be used also as a long loop.

Description: Heavy and energetic, featuring a driving Rock groove, rock electric guitar and strong drums and bass groove that create an anthemic and powerful mood.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style R&B rock n’ roll.

Description: purposeful driven pop alternative theme bed with driving guitar strum and riffing.

Description: 1960s style garage rock with male vocal.

Description: Epic, building, massive, trailer, film, dramatic, time clock

Description: urban, rock, down tempo, extreme, youth