Description: Fast Driving, Slick Guitars, bass, drums, synth Dramarama, KROQ

Description: Ethereal Pop track with spacey synths, guitar and rhythmic percussion lines.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , New Wave

Description: Modern Nu Metal Powerful Track. Perfect for Extreme Sports Video, Video Games.

Description: Retro eighties, retro seventies, retro nineties all wrapped into one heaping piece of vintage. Chock full of music cues that will bring you back to it was not like I remembered.

Description: Dramatic Soft Rock Ballad

Description: Instrumental Rock with feel of rage and tension

Description: Instrumental Hard Rock with Synth Guitar lead

Description: 80's style track reminiscent of INXS, but with modern chiptune and 8 bit elements. agressive in a minor key. All about someone lying to you.

Description: 80s new wave instrumental featuring Stacey Blades on guitar.

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