Description: Rock-Modern Rock, Rock, Building, Contemporary, Feel Good, Fun, in a Confident mood, featuring Piano, Record Scratch, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Positive electric guitar licks create instant inspiring feel suggesting an award winning moment of success. Very uplifting track designed to imply success in sport events, inspiration and corporate motivation for business, corporate or educational purposes. Very modern and upbeat track featuring inspiring electric guitar and crashing drums creating energetic feel.

Description: Rock, Rock-Modern Rock, Active, Broad, Panoramic, Confident, Positive, Driving, Feel Good, Traveling, in a Confident, Positive mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: A slow-building, dramatic, instrumental rock song with big dramatic strings. Perfect for high-action sports clips or action sequences!

Description: Rock, Rock-1990'S, Rock-Modern Rock, Rock-Pop, Dreamy, Ethereal, Flowing, Pleasant, Traveling, Vibrant, Airy, Ambient, Beautiful, Bold, Panoramic, in a Confident, Emotional, Heartwarming, Majestic mood, featuring Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: epic rock tale about love lost and the confusion that goes with it.

Description: Guitar driven pop alternative vibe with strong rhythm lick ala Artic Monkeys.

Description: Triumphant, sports highlight music. Upbeat and big sounding, instrumental rock anthem.

Description: Rock, Rock-Modern Rock, Bright, Carefree, Cheery, Confident, Enthusiastic, Feel Good, Fun, Happy, Positive, in a Positive, Happy, Fun mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Organ, with a Mid tempo

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