Description: A power pop anthem with dark chord structure and heavy guitars and synths/pads. Contains elements of electronic, hip hop and wah-wah guitar.

Description: Urban, Rock, Rock-1980'S, Historic, Historic-1980'S, Groovy, Funky, Urban, Bouncy, Bump & Grind, in a Reflective, Confident mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, with a Free, Mid, Very Slow, Varied tempo

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Religious-Christian, Rock, Rock-Soft Rock, Cheery, Confident, Contemporary, Enthusiastic, Positive, Pleasant, Feel Good, Happy, in a Confident, Energetic, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Piano, Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-Soft Rock, Vibrant, Funky, Fun, Struttin, Middle Of The Road, Mor, Carefree, Fresh, in a Confident, Happy, Playful, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Guitar, Drums, Acoustic, Electric, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: This is uplifting, energetic, dance indie rock track with background vocals, electric guitars, bass, synth and drums. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, video production, background music, fashion show, YouTube channel and more!

Description: Rock Guitar Big Confident Cow Bell Electric Adventurous

Description: Energetic soundtack in pop-punk-garage-rock style for extreme sports, action video and blog reviews.

Description: Rock composition that creates the atmosphere of Wild West with cowboys, Indians and robbers. The melody had fresh spirit and adventurous mood. The piece features drums, bass, guitars, synths, flute, brass and strings. The music can be used in a thematic video game, movie, documentary and more.

Description: Energetic upbeat classic rock instrumental, lively fun, a sense of road cruising and carefree, electric guitars, bass and drums, a good driving feel and sound.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Rock

Description: Powerful and energetic rock track with an intense and heavy feel, featuring a strong electric guitar riff, electronic motives, bass, drums and uplifting ‘Hey’ style vocals.

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