Description: 90's Progressive Dance Funky Catchy Vocals

Description: "Mira sidera clara lumina coeli. Mira sidera coeli spectaculum mysteri. Cadunt sidera Lacrimae mundi" I have put in music these my few verses in Latin, to celebrate the majesty of the night sky and shooting stars. This is a complex and powerful suite. Perfect soundtrack to accompany movies very long also, with a magical, majestic and hypnotical atmosphere.

Description: Acoustic intro opens this long form heavy track with doom metal, stoner rock, psychedelic and world music influences. Hypnotic drums, fuzz guitars and driving bass propels you into a different realm. Long guitar solo in the middle.

Description: Pink Floyd meets the Trans Siberian Orchestra describes this epic piece. Begins with spacy strings and mysterious piano work, then explodes into a hot rock guitar melody. It goes through many twists and moods sounding much like a movie soundtrack. Its dark lyrics it will transport you to another world.

Description: rock, space, psychedelic, experimental, trip, lsd

Description: Rock Vocals Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

Description: Dramatic, violent introduction followed by an instrumental somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Yes.

Description: Progressive rock song with a lot of different moods and changes in it ending with rock guitar solo. Song for many projects.

Description: Rock Vocals Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

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