Description: An uplifting and positive indie pop rock track, featuring catchy rhythm guitars, modern pop synth melodies and grooving bass and beats. Perfect to add a bit of indie sunshine to videos, YouTube videos, commercials and other presentations.

Description: Powerful, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Smooth but punchy guitars expressing tensions and resolutions. This song can be heard hints of various styles, from pop to indie. Perfect as background music or slide show.

Description: Wonderful inspiring indie rock. The piece gives you god mood and atmosphere of winter holidays. Magical optimistic tune will sound great in Christmas or New Year project, movie, commercial, vlog. Happy track created with piano, guitars, bass, drums, synths and background vocals is perfect for winter vacation video. Happy holidays!

Description: Upbeat driving indie rock. Great distorted guitar driving the song. Like navigating through a dream...

Description: Edgy and powerful Rock track with solid groove and driving guitars.

Description: An exciting indie electro-funk track. With edgy bass guitar, driving drums and stylish synth keyboards, it’s a great music for your cool and funny videos.

Description: Cool spacey indie rock. Great night driving music!

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: A modern, upbeat, and energetic indie-rock track with electric guitars, bass, and drums.

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