Description: Epic, building, massive, trailer, film, dramatic, time clock

Description: Heavy, instrumental groove-rock with a repeating guitar groove.

Description: Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Big, Bold, Aggressive, Loud, Noisy, Determined, Serious, in a Aggressive, Powerful mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: a hard rock instrumental track with vocoder effects.

Description: Guitar hero Hard rock powerful instrumental track, distorted guitar melody heavy drums and Organ

Description: dirty south, edgy, driving, extreme rock, extreme sports, energy, guitar, attitude, metal aggressive

Description: Dark and for boding bass and grunge guitars alternate on this track that pound away

Description: Power Rock is especially composed for sports and action videos, films and commercials, movie trailers, video games, gaming footage and general wow-factor listening experiences. A hardrock music track with e-guitars, synthesizer and drums - full of energy, power, intense strength and powerful action.

Description: Down tempo, tricky, rock, extreme rock, dark, raw, guitar, urban, metal, powerful

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