Description: hard rock guitar instrumental with lead melody guitar.

Description: Instrumental hard rock/heavy metal

Description: An upbeat and energetic classic rock instrumental track on a fast paced shuffle tempo with that typical american roadtrip 70s vibe. Instrumentation: electric guitar, electric organ, electric bass, acoustic drums.

Description: guitar instrumental without lead melody guitar.

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: A solid instrumental track in classic heavy metal/hard rock style. Two guitars, bass and drums. All live instruments.

Description: Anthemic guitar driven rock theme with catchy rhythm lick.

Description: Beginning with the sound of a jet plane taking off - this instrumental music is very energetic. Good for video games, action scenes or exercise videos, this has a heavy rock feel complete with electric guitars, bass and drums..

Description: Rage Against Machine style instrumental rock anthem.

Description: Gripping Hard Rock track with grungy guitars and solid beat. Dark and mean.

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