Description: uptempo driving hard rock/metal. great for car scenes, extreme sport, action, etc.

Description: Upbeat driving fuzzed-out garage rock with attitude!

Description: Extreme hard driving rock song with cool guitar riff. Great for use in extreme sports & other high adrenalin projects!

Description: An upbeat and energetic instrumental rock track with a tough, determined mood. Instrumentation: electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums.

Description: Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Big, Bold, Aggressive, Loud, Noisy, Determined, Serious, in a Aggressive, Powerful mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Upbeat fast fuzzed-out garage rock with attitude!

Description: Uptempo Rock Instrumental Wolfmother Style, big guitars.

Description: Upbeat fun garage rock with slide guitar

Description: Epic, building, massive, trailer, film, dramatic, time clock

Description: Instrumental punk/hard rock

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