Description: Fast paced, electro-tribal rock.

Description: Haunting rock track featuring electric guitar and drums. Fits with all types of action, thrill, haunted, negative energetic backgrounds and much more.

Description: Cool hard rock composition featuring electric guitar solo and drums. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: A post rock-ish track about the read sea.

Description: Electro hard rock fist pumping mechanics.

Description: This atmospheric post-rock song have a peaceful feel. Sigur Ros or Godspeed influence for a song ideal in arty video, relaxation, background music, documentary and all creative project. Get a feeling of elevation, spirituality and calm.

Description: Uptempo, Rock meets Prog meets Jazz. Arty and atmospheric instrumental, with an Asian feel.

Description: Down tempo instrumental with guitar, bass, drums, rock/jazz fusion.

Description: Mid Tempo instrumental, blend of rock, prog, jazz with guitar, bass, drums.

Description: Down tempo instrumental, rock/prog, arty and atmospheric with guitar, bass, drums.