Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the ‘60s with a modern approach to creating the chamber sound of musicians. Melodious compositions are rather rhythmic and energetic due to active drums and sonorous double bass, but this does not interfere with easy listening. In the music track you can hear a lot of echoes of garage Blues music, serf-roll, folk and primitive psychedelics.

Description: A post rock instrumental with a unique sound, atmospheric with an upbeat feel, good for introspective, discovery, enlightenment, presentation and similar.

Description: Uprising, tense, emotionally lifting and strong instrumental post-rock style track with acoustic drums, electric guitars and acoustic piano parts great as background music associated with movement, energy and beauty of nature.

Description: #11is the child of The Mars Volta, Incubus and Rage Against the Machine in one song.

Description: Lockdown is a rock song that has some intricate drums and fun guitars.

Description: Endeavor is a song that is surf rock sounding but very indie styled in its approach; not your average guitar sounds.

Description: Instrumental guitar composition with elements of funk. In this composition changes the mood and character. Positive mood, memories and reflection, meditation.

Description: North road is experimental rock track with soft ambient beginning and strong and epic second half. Soft background ambient synthesizers give way to heavy guitars. This track sounds in rock style but has an ambient vibe. Mood of the track will be suitable for videos with landscapes, travel videos, something inspirational or meditative but powerful.

Description: An elegant, dramatic, beautiful and inspiring background rock loop with grooving drums, bass line, electric guitar, emotional guitar solo. Good use as a background music in modern media projects, presentation, youtube videos, inspirational and motivational videos, slideshow, video instructions, transitions, travel guide, commercial media and more. There are more loops and full track version in my portfolio. Please, look for "Lite Rock". Thank you!

Description: Happy, Melodic Dance-Techno like song with eastern feel elements.