Description: urban, rock, down tempo, extreme, youth

Description: Fast experimental progressive quirky post-rock track

Description: A weird and quirky intrumental tune mixing rock, electronic chiptunes and a brass band.

Description: driving 6-8 rhythm and overdriven guitar set up this song from its outset. distorted bass and powerful drums compliment the dark mood.

Description: Experimental Pop/Rock track solid groove, spacey synths and guitars. Builds gradually throughout. Great for film score!

Description: A slow yet steady tempo driven instrumental rock track with a depressed, eerie feel. Sounds and moods recall the youth culture from the mid 90s (grunge, stoner rock) Instrumentation: guitar, bass, drums.

Description: Sounds like Pat Metheny meets Flaming Lips in a building instrumental. Uses guitars that delay and feedback and then incorporates keys and falsetto vocals.

Description: Rock/electro oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Casual Indie Song is a track inspired by the post-rock genre of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, and other similar bands. It has an ambient vibe featuring solo piano, glitch/grunge drums, electric guitar, and a delayed spaced out synth. Enjoy!

Description: Rock/electro oriented driving, percussive track.

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