Description: Pink Floyd meets the Trans Siberian Orchestra describes this epic piece. Begins with spacy strings and mysterious piano work, then explodes into a hot rock guitar melody. It goes through many twists and moods sounding much like a movie soundtrack. Its dark lyrics it will transport you to another world.

Description: An instrumental rock song about the white light of the holy spirit.

Description: A song about artists in the afterlife.

Description: Sad and emotional build up to rock epic.

Description: Ethereal post rock piece in the style of Godspeed or Mogwai, great for final hero walking away.

Description: A mellow rock and roll song telling the story of triumph. Pled in drop D tuning in the key of Am. Slow, rolling pace and feel.

Description: A contemplative, heartfelt emotional journey. Starts with a pretty music box melody, later overshadowed by a soulful lead electric guitar. Could be the theme to an epic film about heartbreak and the eventual triumph leading to a hopeful future. Virtuoso guitar solo over an ambient bed.

Description: Powerful, victorious, and inspiring rock piece. Drums, bass and guitars are joined together to strengthen and bring refreshment to the listeners. Perfect for motivational presentations, technology commercials, corporate meetings, etc.

Description: Uplifting Rock instrumental featuring various electric guitars, piano, strings, bells, and synths. Possible uses can range from full songs, set up scenes, commercials, trailers, etc.

Description: Uplifting Hip Hop/Rock crossover instrumental featuring electric guitars, piano, synths, strings, and bells. Possible use can range from "rap rocker" type songs, set up/preparation scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

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